Information for Singers

Thank you for your interest in performing in a concert as part of Richard Navarro’s 2016-17 Firewatching tour.

On this page you will find downloads of the sheet music, lyric sheets and recordings for practise purposes.

Meanwhile, here is a short video introduction from Richard and members of his Canterbury choir:


Recordings – for rehearsal purposes only

There are three options for listening to the tracks:

  1. Stream the full choir/individual parts on Soundcloud

There are four songs scored for 4-part choir – here they are on Soundcloud for you to listen and practise along to, with or without the printed score. Scroll down the list for all parts.

2. Download the songs as CD-quality files from Dropbox by clicking here   

The link takes you to a folder containing the files, which you can download and transfer to iTunes or burn onto CD.

3. If you would prefer a CD of the choir parts please email with your address, and a CD will be sent to you in the post. 


Lyric sheets 

These sheets have the choir’s words on the right-hand side and Richard’s vocals on the left, with the aim of making the music easy to follow. These can either be used instead of a musical score (for those who prefer learning ‘by ear’) or as a means of jogging memories before and during a concert.

Click to download a PDF file of each song:



Call Me

All the Same Hill

Extra songs

SATB Scores

Click on the links below to download the score of each song as a PDF file.

Halfway – full choir score

Lightfall – full choir score

Call Me – full choir score

All the Same Hill – full choir score